My dude Ba Dom is the one rappin on this song and it’s chill as fuck.  A girl told me she actually gave him the chord progressions for the bassline, and then I decided to figure out what it was and play along.

Wound up tuning my guitar to B F A# D# G C (just C standard with the 6th string down another half step) and got a really bassy tone out of my amp.  Playing some goofy shaped power chords, but damn it’s chill. Bring on the drugs and alcohol sonnnnnn

if you like hip hop and dank stuff check out a friend of mine. he’s dank.

Ba Dom - Up And Away (Feat. Young Devo) 2
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Ba Dom - Up And Away

So I know this guy who happens to be a rapper and I had just found out it was him who made this song. I shit my pants because it’s really incredible. Take a listen and jam! It’s pretty sweet.

Ba Dom - They Don’t Know Me

Ba Dom is a dude I know IRL and he makes some REALLY fucking chill hiphop/rap.  When I found out he rapped I was like wtf? Cuz his shit is really good IMO.