bumpin some Juicy J

cuz he can’t say no to drugs and neither can I

press play and smoke a blunt or something

My dude Ba Dom is the one rappin on this song and it’s chill as fuck.  A girl told me she actually gave him the chord progressions for the bassline, and then I decided to figure out what it was and play along.

Wound up tuning my guitar to B F A# D# G C (just C standard with the 6th string down another half step) and got a really bassy tone out of my amp.  Playing some goofy shaped power chords, but damn it’s chill. Bring on the drugs and alcohol sonnnnnn

ridin’ roun’ wit dat ninaa~~

if you like hip hop and dank stuff check out a friend of mine. he’s dank.

Ba Dom - Up And Away (Feat. Young Devo) 2
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Ba Dom - Up And Away

So I know this guy who happens to be a rapper and I had just found out it was him who made this song. I shit my pants because it’s really incredible. Take a listen and jam! It’s pretty sweet.

Rappin 4-tay - Players Club

rappin 4 tay is awesome.

Ba Dom - They Don’t Know Me

Ba Dom is a dude I know IRL and he makes some REALLY fucking chill hiphop/rap.  When I found out he rapped I was like wtf? Cuz his shit is really good IMO.