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Walter Black

Walter Black


doodle got bangs💇


"He said he doesn’t eat pussy" 

An alcoholic, a sex-addict and a pot-head are greeted at the gates of hell by Satan.

He offers to put the Alcoholic in a room filled with endless booze for a thousand years and the Alcoholic agrees, so he throws him in and locks the door. Next, he walks up to the Sex-addict and offers to put him in a room filled with endless babes for a thousand years, the man agrees and in he goes. Now it’s the Pot-heads turn. Satan walks up to him and offers to put him in a room filled with an endless amount of the dankest, most bodacious bud ever and he did what any of us would do… he agreed and walked in the room.

Locked for a thousand years, Satan decides to visit his guests. First he walks up to Mr. Alcoholic’s room, opens the door and sees the unconscious man layin’ in his own vomit, surrounded by broken bottles… Satan walks over to him, wakes him up and asks if he would like to try it again. The man says “no.” so Satan throws him into a lake of fire.

Next he walks up to the Sex-man’s room and opens the door… Women and children, all crying and bitching, crowd the room and the poor fool is in the center of it all. Satan walks up to him and asks if he would like to do it again, the man says “no.” so Satan condemns him to endless torment.

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Satan walks up to the Pot-head’s room and opens the door. Cities and mountains, all made of pot, cover the room as far as the eye can see. He searched for the man for days until he found the Pot-head in a corner in the fetal-position, crying. Satan walks up to him and asks, “What the fuck?! What is wrong with you?” The Pot-head looks up at Satan and whimpers, “You never gave me a lighter…”


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