the fuuuuuuuuuuuck?  I’m way too high for these shenanigans wtf.

rofl, how the fuck did 50 Cent release this so many years after making it big?  It’s so unbelievably terrible.

I hate FLAC.  Like, the only way you’re gonna tell the difference between that shit and 320kbps MP3 is if you’re a dog using EXTREMELY high quality audio equipment at very high volumes

bitch plz

Ba Dom - Up And Away (Feat. Young Devo) 2
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Ba Dom - Up And Away

So I know this guy who happens to be a rapper and I had just found out it was him who made this song. I shit my pants because it’s really incredible. Take a listen and jam! It’s pretty sweet.

so I re re re recorded some riffs and it didnt’ come out too shabby.  At least now I realize what sounds like fucking shit, where I could add some bits in, and how I was making up the stuff at the end and it sounds heavy as fuck.