Elevator hangs with @dave_revocation #revocation #metalblade  (at Bogart’s)

Elevator hangs with @dave_revocation #revocation #metalblade (at Bogart’s)

This is a very satisfying top 15 

This is a very satisfying top 15 

motherfucking bitch fuck no wonder everything they riff out is so fucking awesome. Those Hungarians clearly write sweet music.

fuuuuuu why can’t I live in the Matrix already and just plug into some machine and download all this knowledge? and get a biomech pinky capable of not being useless

Damn dude he can really talk!  I thought I would just watch a little bit but that didn’t happen.  I’m fully into this because there’s no good place to stop o_o

edit: LOL the last few minutes of this is fucking hilarious.


dave davidson, my dream guy.

damn he looks happy hahaha