Ron Paul on C-Span, April 12, 2012 addressing the “War on Drugs”

uh oh, looks like someone did their homework and pieced together the puzzle.  He straight up says the war on drugs is a failure, and this is true.  Just listen to him.

Watch this video with Mitt Romney getting to meet a medical marijuana patient.  Just watch the damn thing.

now watch Ron Paul get asked by the VERY SAME GUY about medical marijuana.

So Ron Paul places second in New Hampshire DEMOCRATIC Party primary.

This is pretty funny because the democrats didn’t even vote for the damn democrats.  In fact a republican also took the #3 and #4 spots for New Hampshire in the democratic primary.

So from this we can infer that New Hampshire is either fucking retarded or Ron Paul is fucking awesome.  I want to say it is a little bit of both.  If you’re over 18 you should fucking register and vote in the upcoming election.  If you have no clue about anything and feel that your vote is basically a gamble I’ll periodically be voicing my thoughts.

Keep in mind that I’m pretty much a democrat in terms of my views, but I suppose the way I vote is pretty undecided.  What matters to me this election is that Babboonbama gets out of the office.  Ron Paul supports the internet, and even stated that if it weren’t for the internet he wouldn’t have as much notoriety as he does now.

Obama signs horseshit to essentially shut down the internet’s freedom of speech (remember when Tumblr had that little thingy at the top a few weeks ago asking to sign a petition? Obama was in support of that). 

Ron Paul wants the internet, and the internet wants Ron Paul.